Mitchy Collings (lead singer), Jordan Greenwald (guitarist) and Sam Price (drummer) make up the indie pop band, lovelytheband.



The band was formed in West Hollywood back in 2017.  In the same year, the band released their first EP called ‘Everything I Could Never Say…’ along with their debut single, ‘Broken.’  The record became ‘the longest running #1 track on Alternative Radio.



Mitchy says, “I really believe the importance of songwriting is saying something when someone else doesn’t know how to.  In the songs, I’m talking about life, trials, tribulations, depression, anxiety and sh*t I deal with as well as the headaches that come along with the good and bad days.  My problems don’t define me, but we should embrace every side of who we are.  The message is, ‘Everything will be fine.'”


On August 3rd, the band will drop their first studio album, ‘Finding It Hard to Smile’ off of RED MUSIC Records, which includes their previously released single, ‘These Are My Friends.’  The single received over 2 million streams worldwide.  Mitchy recalls, “I was walking around Los Angeles one day thinking.  I left a party where I had a really good time at.  Right after, I wrote the main lyric in my phone.  I held onto it for a little while, but it eventually turned into a song about wanting love and wanting to fit in.  I brought it to the guys in the studio, and they really took it to the next level.  It becomes a lovelytheband song when everyone is on it.”




Mitchy explains, “Finding it hard to smile touches my life.  There are days when it’s hard to even walk out of my front door or get out of bed.  So, you find the will to power through, call your friends and rely on loved ones to pick you up when you’re down and bring magic out of you.  A lot of the record is about embracing who you are as well as dealing with relationships, breakups, nostalgia and unrequited love.  It’s really introspective for me.”



Earlier this year, lovelytheband was the headlining act, joining Vance Joy and AWOLNATION on tour.



And this is only the beginning for lovelytheband – for the remainder of 2018, you can catch the group performing at Lollapalooza, the Billboard Hot 100 Festival and more.  In addition, the band is heading out on the Broken Like Me tour, starting August 15 in Toronto.



Mictchy’s final thought: “I hope when you listen to it, you can find some solace or reassurance.  Maybe you didn’t know how to communicate something aloud, and it helps for us to talk about it.  Hearing it might inspire you to make a move.  Music moved me and gave me a little hope as a kid.  I hope you can take away something from this in the same way my favourite records helped me.  That would be my biggest goal with lovelytheband.”






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