George Clooney Back On Set After Accident

10 days ago, Clooney was involved in a pretty serious scooter accident in Italy that saw him fly through the air and into a vehicle. He was treated on scene by first-responders and transported to hospital where he pretty much checked-in and checked-out with minor injuries (miraculously).

Clooney is now officially back to work, on set filming “Catch-22” in Italy. He is both directing and acting in the film and paparazzi caught him moving set pieces around, too, with ease. So it looks like he’s doing well!


Miley Cyrus Deletes Instagram Pics

But… why? Some rumors were circulating that maybe she and fiance Liam Hemsworth were on the rocks – that is NOT the case. In fact, the reason is a pretty positive one!

A source reveals “she simply likes to change things up. She is taking a long needed break and she feels it’s healthy.”

That’s true! Taking a break from social media and ‘the Gram’ is a very smart move from time to time.

We’ve learned that Cyrus is back in studio working on new music with her dad, Billy Ray Cyrus and rocker Ryan Adams, and I’ll just assume she’s working with Mark Ronson, too, thanks to this recent tweet!


Chad Johnson, That Loser from The Bachelorette, Suing Over Sexual Misconduct

You’ve probably forgotten all about The Bachelorette’s Chad Johnson but here he is, resurfacing to sue a film company over some sexual misconduct allegations.

The company, Sunset Studios, and producer Christina Cimino are accused of alleged sexual misconduct taking place over the last several months including unwanted sexual advances, inappropriate text messages and non-consensual physical contact.

Johnson says he was offered roles in two movies in an $11 million deal which was withheld when he showed no interest in Cimino’s alleged flirtatious behaviour.

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