A ‘Smaller Wedding’ for Bieber and Baldwin

Justin Bieber and former ex-gf Hailey Baldwin are engaged and already thinking ahead to the wedding. Sources say the two are “enjoying their engagement” and have been “telling friends they want to have a smaller wedding, with close family and friends, nothing too over the top.”

Possible wedding locations include somewhere in Canada (Stratford? Toronto? Vancouver? Banff?) or possibly New York or L.A. There is even a chance there may be more than one ceremony to accommodate family and friends on both sides of the border.

The soon-to-be-newlyweds are said to be enjoying the “excitement of engagement before fully diving into wedding planning”. Looks like they are doing just that!

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Kim Kardashian Sued Over Perfume

On Wednesday it was revealed that Kardashian was being sued by Vibes Media over the release of her newest fragrance, ‘Vibes’.

The suit claims that the bottle looks too similar to their trademarked logo. What do you think?

Click Here to visit Vibes.com and peep their official logo. What do you think? Too similar? I mean, anyone who’s ever texted the word ‘Vibes’ to someone is gonna see the same thing, no? That’ll be a tough one to prove in court which, I guess, is why Kim isn’t really worried.

Speaking of copyright issues…

Ariana Grande Accused of Plagiarism

In her latest music video for God is a Woman, Grande was heavily criticized for ripping off Jean-Paul Gaultier. Some viewers felt a scene in the vid (below) followed a little too closely to an ad the designer put our back in 1993.


Grande admits the scene was inspired by Gaultier, but insists it’s not ‘stolen’ art. She actually asked his permission and got the ‘a-okay’.

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