Destiny’s Child Member Enters Rehab

Michelle Williams has spoken about her mental health struggles in the past and it looks like she’s still struggling.

TMZ found out that Williams has decided to ask for help, checking herself into a mental health facility near LA recently. Something she confirmed to fans with this public tweet:

Wishing Michelle all the best. It’s great that she is taking charge of her health this way and garnering loads of support from fans and celebs. Destiny’s Child performed together during Coachella, which is the first time Beyonce, Williams and Kelly Rowland have been on stage together in many, many years.

Leslie Jones Slams Jessica Alba’s Company

Alba owns an online lifestyle retail shop/subscription service called the Honest Company. They curate “convenient, cost-saving bundles” delivered in “a flexible subscription”. Sounds simple enough, right? So what’s SNL star Leslie Jones freaking out about?

We’re not sure what the issue is or was, as it looks like after Jones called out Alba in the above tweet, Alba got back to her within three hours promising to “make it right” adding the company is going through “growing pains”.

Did Pete Davidson Re-gift Jewelry to Ariana Grande?

Davidson gave Grande a new piece of jewelry recently, a priceless necklace featuring his father’s badge number. Davidson’s father, a New York City firefighter, died on September 11th.

Wow. The sentimental value is off the charts with this one, right? Well, it seems a little similar to the necklace he gave his former girlfriend, Cazzie David. Kinda weird, right?

Davidson has addressed the accusations that he re-gifted the necklace, saying:

In addition to Davidson’s statement, Grande had the badge number tattooed on her ankle. So, it’s really, really real, guys.

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