Taylor Swift Got Stuck MID-AIR In Concert

No big deal, right? No sweat for Swift who handled the hiccup like a pro. While singing ‘Delicate’ in concert to a packed Philly crowd, the singer said, “I’m pretty sure I’m stuck up here… It’s a really nice view thought.” Of course this moment was caught on camera.

The rigging was supposed to have Taylor cross the stadium, however… It didn’t really work out that way. She took it all in stride and addressed the issue in real time to her fans, “I’m somehow going to figure out how to get over there.”

We Have a New Queen Taking Over ‘The Crown’

Season three of the Netflix series will arrive *sometime* next year, so patience is a virtue for fans dying to see the ‘new’ Queen Elizabeth II as portrayed by Olivia Colman (formerly, Claire Foy). Foy knew that her time as a royal was limited, saying “[Colman’s] an incredibly wonderful human being, so I just think it’s great… I can’t wait to see what she’s done with it. The part’s not mine. It never was.”

Cardi B Cautious of Baby Kulture’s Privacy, Denies Photo Offers

Despite allegedly receiving numerous offers, Cardi B says her baby is ‘off limits’ to paparazzi. Sources close to the new mama say magazines, websites and photo agencies have offered to cover Kulture’s first shoot for upwards of $100 thousand.

Kulture :’)…no better feeling ??

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Cardi and Offset have not settled on whether or not they’ll even accept a deal. If they were to consider it, sources add, it wouldn’t be until their daughter is at least 5 or 6 months old. For now, Cardi is focused on being a mom and bonding with baby.

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