Hailey Baldwin’s Ring Cost Justin Bieber Half a Mil!

The ring has been captured in many photos, in fact, it was what tipped fans off to the couple’s engagement. While vacationing in the Bahamas, Bieber popped the question to Baldwin in front of a crowd, so it wasn’t long til word got out… The rock is obviously big, so… any guesses as to it’s price tag?

Jeweler Jack Solow (owner of Solow & Co. where Bieber purchased the ring) told TMZ he met Justin through his manager, Scooter Braun, a few weeks back in search of the perfect ring. The oval shaped diamond is between 6 and 10 carats, worth an estimated half million dollars. Woah. 

Ariana Grande’s “God Is A Woman” Is Here

From her fourth studio album, Sweetener, out August 17th, Grande’s blessed fans with “God Is A Woman”. She told late night host Jimmy Fallon it is her Nonna’s fave and will soon be our fave, too! Check it out:

In addition to “No Tears Left to Cry” fans have heard bits and pieces of the new album via live performances like Coachella.

Her whirlwind romance with SNL‘s Pete Davidson had some fans questioning it’s validity. Especially when word broke about Justin Bieber’s engagement. Since the two (Grande and Bieber) share Scooter Braun as a manager, some were accusing Braun of exploiting the stars’ relationships and engagements for publicity.

Grande responded to one such accusation in a now deleted tweet that said,

“You do realize we are human beings who love and have lives….. right….? And that Scooter is a wonderful human being too who cared first and foremost about our health and happiness?”

Selena Gomez Back to Set

Gomez is filming a new zombie movie, working title Killed the Head, in upstate New York. The movie boasts a stacked roster featuring Austin Butler, Billy Murray, Adam Driver, Chloe Sevigny, Rosie Perez and Daniel Craig.

Click here to learn more about this upcoming film – loads of pics, too!

Appearing totally unfazed by the Bieber/Baldwin engagement, Gomez signed a bunch of autographs for fans waiting near the motel she was filming at. She seemed very happy, with one source saying “She does not care at all. What they do with their lives does not impact her. Selena is in such a great place an dis surrounding herself with good positive people, and Justin and Hailey’s happiness doesn’t take away from her own happiness.”

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