Long Island native Madison Beer is this’s months ‘One To Watch’ artist!


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She began her career in 2012, she was discovered online by Justin Bieber and his manager Scooter Braun and was later signed to Island Records.  Now in 2018, she since left Island Records, released an independent EP and toured Europe and the U.S., which were all sold out shows!


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She recently released a video for her latest single, ‘Home With You’, which was streamed over 80 million times.


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In a new interview with Billboard, Madison talks about being heavily involved with the music video process, the meaning behind the song, growing up in the music industry and what’s next to come.



BB: How did you visualize “Home With You” for the music video and how involved were you with the video production process?

MB: “With everything I do, I’m 100 percent involved. I don’t really let anyone just take over and hear what’s going to go on. I like to have full creative control pretty much and really be involved with everything. So 100 percent of it was me and I came up with the idea, because I really wanted it to be sort of like a documentary- video. And what I mean by that is just following certain people’s lives, and it’s just a video about different walks of life and how every girl is a badass and every girl should have some sense of confidence, and that’s what I hope everyone gets when they watch the video. There’s a part where this girl’s dancing, and there’s a part with a girl boxing, and a girl with her boyfriend or whoever it might be arguing, and she’s kind of just like, “I’m over this” and walks away. And I just want people to take from the video that you could be confident and you can say no and you can be a badass.”


BB: What does the song mean to you, aside from the video itself?

MB: “The song is so powerful. It’s obviously just a cool record, but the messaging behind it really speaks to me because I live in LA, I go out a lot, I see so much shit that I’m just like, “I wish that this song existed sooner and I wish the song could have came on and I could have sang this to a million people that I wanted to.” I just feel like it’s so powerful. It just really makes me feel like I can say no to whoever I want and that I can stand up for myself, and I think that’s important. And I don’t feel like enough women feel that way, and I hope that this empowers them in that sense.”


BB: As someone who was discovered at 12, 13 years old, what are some of the perks and challenges of growing up in the music industry?

MB: “It was really hard at times, but it was also — I don’t want to say easy, but it was also fun. I got to grow up quicker, which some people would say is bad. But to me, I look at it as something that is an advantage and I really have been able to grow and learn really quickly. I feel like it’s good in a lot of ways, but people could say, “Oh, that’s so sad! She didn’t have a childhood.” But my childhood was just different, and I feel like there’s nothing wrong with that, and I’m really grateful for the amount that I’ve evolved. But I definitely say it’s a lot of challenges — like I never went to school really. I was home-schooled my whole life pretty much. I’ve dealt with a lot of bullying and I kind of didn’t have many friends to turn to because I did move to LA at 14. With having all my friends be from New York, I had to make all new friends. It was definitely hard for a few years, and I struggled a lot, but it was all worth it because following your dreams is, I think, the most important thing.”


BB: What can your fans expect from your newest songs and visuals in terms of where you’re going as an artist? What can people look forward to?

MB: “Just a lot more music and a lot more videos, just things that are always going to be me. There’s this ’50s- song on my EP called “Teenager in Love” that’s sort of reminiscent of that era. I have another song I’m working on that’s probably going to be on my album that has the same sort of vibe. And just visual-wise, I have so many ideas and my brain literally doesn’t stop. So everyone can just expect more cool music. Every song is so different! So it’s hard to say, “Expect this,” because it’s literally everything. Like my EP, every song sounds like a different genre, so I definitely think that everyone should just expect greatness. And I’m really working hard and it’s going to be a true expression of myself, and I hope that when people listen to it, they’ll get to know me.”


To read more of Madison’s interview with Billboard, click here!

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