This is it. The big one. The one we’ve been waiting for. That’s right — Meghan Markle and Prince Harry will finally tie the knot in front of 600 of their closest friends and family members (plus millions, or maybe even billions of fans) at St. George’s Chapel. If you’ve already got your phone alarm set for May 19 (coverage is expected to start at 4:00 a.m, ET), you’ll probably need something to fuel your early morning. So whether you’re planning to watch alone in your jammies or are hosting a fascinator-filled viewing party, here are some essential menu items for the big day, ranked by the effort required to make them (from “sleepily ripping open a package” to “fire up that stand mixer”).

Victoria sponge cake

This two-layer cake, with strawberry jam and a luscious mascarpone cream, is sure to wow no matter what time you serve it. (And we won’t tell a soul if you pair it with uber-strength coffee instead of tea.)

Effort required: Herculean for 4 a.m., so bust out that stand-mixer because you’re about to make not one, but two cakes! (Or make the cakes in advance and get ’em tightly wrapped in your fridge). Go for it with the recipe here.

Lemon elderflower cupcakes topped with icing and flowers

Lemon-elderflower cupcakes

Guests at Meghan and Prince Harry’s reception will dine on a lemon-elderflower cake from London’s Violet Bakery. Recreate this now iconic flavour combo with this cupcake recipe from the Chatelaine Kitchen.

Effort required: Less than that layer cake (you could make these the previous night, just before you hit the hay at 7 p.m.). You will need to buy or order elderflower syrup in advance and then ice a dozen cupcakes, so warm up your wrists.

Scone recipes: Fresh scones with jam and cream

Classic scones

Scones look like they’re difficult to make, but they’re actually pretty simple. The key to this British tea-time staple is using cold butter (that way, your scones get perfectly flaky). Get this classic scones recipe here. These are another breakfast treat you could make in advance when feeling extra motivated and then just bake from frozen.

Effort required: Moderate mixing.

Violet Bakery Egg Yolk Chocolate Chip Cookies

Photo, Kristin Perers.

Something from Violet Bakery

Our food editor baked her way through the Violet Bakery cookbook in anticipation of the big day. In the process, she fell in love with these egg yolk chocolate chip cookies. Make a batch and dunk them in milk as you watch the action unfold at Windsor Castle. (If you haven’t tried these cookies yet, they may turn out to be the day’s most-iconic moment.)

Effort required: Not so much effort as restraint, because you need to freeze the cookie dough for a whole hour before baking.

strawberry-rhubarb sangria jellies in champagne coupe glasses on a large serving tray filled with ice

Strawberry-rhubarb sangria jellies

If you need some liquid courage to get up at the crack of dawn, make these seasonal and boozy jello cups the night before (they take at least six hours to set).

Effort required: Not much — your fridge (and the gelatin!) do most of the work for you. The self-satisfaction of making this pretty-in-pink recipe? Priceless.

Superfood green breakfast smoothies


Apparently Meghan likes to start each morning with a smoothie, so make like Markle and mix up some greens, frozen fruit, kefir and matcha with this superfood green smoothie.

Effort required: Minimal… until you have to clean your blender.

Bowl of Terroni chilis next to jar

Peperoncini Piccanti

Sure, you eat Meghan Markle’s favourite condiment straight from the jar with a spoon, or you can pair them with some eggs. Add a side of bread from Toronto’s Blackbird Baking Co. to go full Markle. Or, channel Prince Harry and add some bacon, sausage, black or white pudding and baked beans to the mix for a traditional English breakfast. Just don’t forget those chilis!

Effort required: That depends — choose your own adventure and either crack open a jar and scoop onto your scramble or warm up that hob to make an entire fry-up. The choice is yours.

winter baking: Homemade jaffa cake: Orange bundt cake with chocolate sauce

Jaffa Cake

The Chatelaine Kitchen perfected this classic British dessert, so bake up your own chocolate orange cake. But if that’s not your baking reality this upcoming wedding weekend, indulge in a pack or two of Jaffa Cakes, either online or at a proper storefront, like London Drugs.

Effort required: None if you go the packaged route, but lots if you make this stunner from scratch.

A gin tipple

Gin seems particularly British, so break open a bottle to toast the royal couple (remember, it’ll be noon in the U.K.). If you want something more local (Meghan would approve) than Tanqueray, try this rose-flavoured gin from Ontario distillery Dillon’s. It’s delish on the rocks or mixed with tonic.

Effort required: That depends on whether you’re drinking it straight or in a cocktail.

Pink bag of squish gummy candies

Squish Brunch Mix

Canadian candy company Squish packed this pouch full of gummified versions of your favourite brunch dishes and drinks, including fried eggs and prosecco. This sounds like the perfect breakfast in bed.

Effort required: Hitting snooze a bunch of times and then tearing open a resealable bag.

Watch: How to make a chocolate-orange Jaffa cake

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