Tom Hiddleston Dating Taylor Swift ‘Extremely Concerned’ His Friend

Sebastian Stan, who plays Winter Soldier in the Avengers movies, says he was very concerned for his co-star and close friend, Tom Hiddleston, when he learned Taylor Swift was in the picture.

When asked how he felt about the whirlwind romance, Stan said “It was one of awe and extreme concern, obsession and yet at the same time… I want the word. I don’t know… I was really worried, mainly for him.”

You may remember the brief three month period in 2016 when ‘Hiddleswift’ was a thing. A highly publicized fling, following Swift’s split from long time boyfriend Calvin Harris, that dissolved in the very same limelight.

Each One of Kyle Jenner’s InstaPosts Earns Her HOW MUCH?!?!

#SocialMediaGoals, much?? A new report claims each one of Kyle’s posts earns approximately “$1,000,000 across her social media portfolio.” To put it simply, if you ‘advertise’ with Kylie, you can expect about a million in return. So, this ‘ad revenue’ comes from not only Instagram (108 million followers), but from Snapchat (622k) and Twitter (25.5 million) as well!

Does this mean Dunkaroos are making a major comeback?

Demi Lovato Casually ‘Breaks A Leg’

While vacationing in Bali, the singer fractured her foot while walking down some stairs… DEMI, DRINK YOUR MILK GIRL! I’m just guessing she’s on vacay, btw, we don’t know that for sure but it seems likely as she preps for the European leg of her Tell Me You Love Me tour.

In addition to the tour AND the fracture (ouch), Lovato’s also got new music on the way! She’ll be featured on Christina Aguilera’s new album, Liberation.

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