Every month we highlight and artist that we say is ‘one to watch’ and in the past we’ve had some incredible talents such as, Grammy-nominated artist Julia Michaels, Rita Ora, and most recently an artist who has received praise from Taylor Swift and Camila Cabello, Bazzi.

We’ve also had some incredible Canadian talents such as Jessie Reyez, DVBBS, and Loud Luxury, and we’ve now got another one and his name is Langston Francis.

Before we get to his incredible voice, you should know that the Toronto-born artist is a skilled musician as he knows how to play several instruments, including the piano and the guitar.

He put this skills to work from a very young age as a busker as he told TheFourOhFive.com,

“I started buskering when I was 11, so like I did that for a while and it got me more comfortable. I think especially for these kinds of shows, like just acoustic and me and my piano, it definitely made me more comfortable because I’ve spent hundreds of hours playing on the street. And even though your buskering, you’re sort of playing for everyone, but you’re sort of playing for no one because it’s like everyone’s listening, but nobody’s listening, so it’s kind of cool because you’re basically practicing on the street.”

It’s not surprising that growing up in a diverse city like Toronto helped expose Langston to all different genres of music. He says that everything from hip-hop to jazz helped shape his sound, “I feel expression shows itself in all aspects of art, and even music is a very visual experience.”


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His musical influences are also quite eclectic as they range from well known artist such as Kanye West to local, upcoming artists like Ramriddlz; Langston spoke about the latter,

“Unlike many of the artists I listened to in Toronto, Ramriddlz was able to create tracks that still banged, but he did it over dreamy, pop-flavoured beats.”

But also much like Kanye, he’s fearless, “By not following any kind of plan…I let my instincts help me say what I want to say without thinking about what’s out there or any category my music is supposed to be in.”

One of Langston’s other talents is that he is a film maker, “What I do with the camera connects with what I do with my mic,” he says, “I want to capture all the cool stuff that people aren’t seeing or hearing and put it into a song or an image.”

Watch as he puts those film making skills to the test in the new video for his latest single, “Fall From Grace”.



Learn about Langston Francis below!


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