Coachella ft. Justin Bieber or is it Matthew McConaughey?? WHICH IS WHICH, people?!


Okay, so the first one is definitely Matthew McConaughey on set for a new film… and the second set is the Biebs at Coachella. CLICK HERE to see the Twitter Moment and play the “Justin Bieber or Matthew McConaughey” game for yourself! I should also let you know that there are many short videos of Bieber dancing around looking care-free, happy and healthy!

Rumor has it that while Biebs was partying on Saturday, April 14th, he saved a woman from harassment by punching her attacker in the face! Wait… what? It’s true! According to TMZ, the singer punched a guy in the face and tossed him into a wall after he was caught grabbing a woman by her throat. The man wouldn’t let go… so… Justin took matters into his own hands – er – fists.

Sources at the party say the attacker appeared to be in an altered state of mind and may have been ‘set off’ by his ex-girlfriend.

Before throwing the punch that ultimately set the woman free, Justin and his friends were repeatedly screaming at the guy to “LET GO!!” After the punch, the guy was tossed from the party and trying to ‘get back’ at Justin! He was arrested a short while later.

Wow! Violence is NOT okay, but in this case we’ve gotta give props to the Biebs for saving that woman! WHAT A NIGHTMARE!


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