One of the really powerful things about an artist like Drake is that often times, his songs, (and especially his music videos) end up going viral because of the memes that stem from them.





This month’s ‘One to Watch’ artist, Bazzi has seen the same thing happen to him with his record, “Mine”.



The very first line of the song,You so f**kin’ precious when you smile”, has sparked several viral memes, (below is a compilation of some of the best).



Bazzi spoke to Genius about the memes saying, “About three weeks ago I saw the first one…I was just reading the replies and every single one was, ‘What song is this? What song is this?’ Every other day a new one was popping up.”

He added, “The second I wrote the song I knew people were just gonna resonate with that a lot. I’m happy I was right about that because I really made the song less about a person but more about wanting to give people a feeling of acceptance in a really sad world right now. Social media has made people so insecure and self-conscious, I wanted to make something that broke through that and hit people with a message of being wanted and a message of being beautiful. I think people really felt that energy, it was reciprocated really well.”

“Mine” is catchy as hell and Bazzi is so talented. Take a listen to it below.


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