SelGo gets more and more cute every time we hear from her, doesn’t she?!

The pop star sat down with Zach Sang to tell him how all of her songs come to be. “It always starts with [me and my writers] talking—just conversing about where I am and my strengths as an artist,” Gomez shares. “What’s going to be refreshing and different? What won’t sound like anything else on the radio?”

For anyone who’s been a fan of Gomez since her Disney days, she believes she won’t ever be able to top “Who Says?” (a.k.a. the track with which she made her iconic debut in the music scene years ago!). “What that song has done for me—it’s just a beautiful song and it’s hard to top,” Gomez says. “It’s one of those songs I never don’t want to sing.”

Listen to the rest of this installation of the Zach Sang Worldwide Countdown to learn intimate deets about Gomez’s creative process and why she’s tired of dealing with paparazzi.

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