Amazing news for your Netflix life: Amy Poehler is making a movie in which she will drink wine with all her funniest comedian friends. And it’s coming straight to the streaming service—which means you can totally crack a bottle while watching the new flick huddled under a blanket with all of your besties.

Poehler will direct and star in Wine Country, a comedy about a crew of women heading down to California’s Napa Valley for a very boozy 50th birthday weekend getaway. They’ll tour the wineries and get up to all kinds of hilarious hi-jinx.

The comedian got Twitter mighty excited Tuesday night when she shared, via Netflix, a candid video of some of the cast and collaborators (including Saturday Night Live alumni Maya Rudolph, Rachel Dratch, Paula Pell and Tina Fey) sitting around in their pyjamas singing Kenny Loggins’s “Whenever I Call You ‘Friend.’” They may or may not have had some wine beforehand (filming started this month). Who knows?

Here’s what we do know: There isn’t a better movie-watching pairing than red wine and popcorn. Try your kernels with a little nutritional yeast sprinkled atop—y’know, to bring a little virtue to the situation (no word on whether it helps with hangovers).

No word yet on when Wine Country will drop, but we. are. so. ready.

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