I am very new to NBC’s The Office but I am glad that Netflix has allowed me to get all caught up.

I’m only on Season 7, so don’t tweet me any spoilers please, but one of the best parts of the show for me is the feud and animosity between Steve Carell’s character ‘Michael Scott’ and Paul Lieberstein’s ‘Toby Flenderson’.



One of the show’s running storylines is about the ‘Scranton Strangler’ (again, I’m only on Season 7), but I do know that ‘Toby’ has long been thought of as a prime suspect and a new video has surfaced that explores this possibility.

The official YouTube account of The Office have released mini-documentary/parody of The Office and the popular Netflix crime-doc, Making a Murderer.

The video, titled Making a Strangler, explores the idea that ‘Toby’ could be the killer, showing clips that demonstrated his characters’ suspicious behaviour throughout the series.

It’s really well done, make sure you watch it right to the end.

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