Pop star Camila Cabello stopped by Zach Sang’s studio to chat everything from her obsession with Disney as a kid (hi, same) to the work she put into her new album and her desire to keep her romantic life out of the public eye.

When asked who she wrote about when putting together the tracks for Camila, the 21-year-old said, “It’s not one person throughout the whole album. Some of the [songs] are about relationships or people that happened way before, and I just got the chance to reflect on it. I feel like there’s always […] that person that—when you think about love—you think about that person.”

When she heard the instrumental for “Never Be The Same,” Cabello says she thought of someone with whom she had an undefined relationship. “They’re in a different place but you really like each other and it’s hard to walk away because then you’re denying yourself the fun and excitement, so you do it anyway.”

“I [gave in], but then I walked away.” Cabello says she doesn’t regret the relationship, despite it ending negatively. “It was super worth it. It taught me how I want to be loved.”

Listen to the full interview above!

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