Hidden treasures on Netflix are few and far between. Sure there is a lot of content to flip through, but how much of that is stuff actually worth watching? One day Netflix’s algorithm recommended a show called Terrace House and I’ve been hooked ever since.

The show has been on since 2012, with Netflix jumping in to bring it to a worldwide audience in 2015. It stars 3 boys and 3 girls who move into a shared home to live with the opposite gender (usually for the first time). They are free to come and go from the house as they please, go to school, or work, and dates – all of which we get to witness. The cast also rotates over a season, sometimes they leave Terrace House to pursue personal goals, and are then replaced by a new guest. Oh and did I mention, it’s Japanese.

Terrace House Kon Banwa GIF from Terracehouse GIFs

That means all of the backstabbing, conniving, scheming, evil things that humans typically do in reality shows – doesn’t happen. Generally, the Terrace House guests are all very kind, respectful, and sweet to each other. So why the hell should you watch it? It’s endearing AF. It is so genuinely charming to watch complete strangers react to each other in a kind and respectful manner, simply because it never happens in reality TV elsewhere. That being said, drama does inevitably happen when you live with the same people for a long period of time, and the payoff when it finally does happen makes the wait completely worth it.

The show is also divided up by segments with a commentary panel of Japanese actors and comedians who tear the teenage sweetness to shreds, and will having you laughing along with the show.

There are three full season currently on Netflix: Boys & Girls in the City:

Aloha State (where for the first time the show is set in Hawaii, not Japan):

And starting today (Mar.13) the third season premieres, Opening New Doors:

The only downside is that new episodes can take quite a while to make it to Netflix worldwide. It airs weekly in Japan, but due to music rights and translation it releases in “Parts”. But if you start from the beginning, you’ll have HOURS of strangely addictive reality to catch up on.




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