My dislike of Taylor Swift is well-documented, so writing this feels both necessary and incredibly uncomfortable.

Swift dropped her new song “Delicate” and accompanying music video at Sunday’s iHeartRadio Awards, and it is a legit bop. The song is the fourth single released off her Reputation album.

The video comes from Joseph Kahn, the same director collab that brought us Swift-classics such as “Bad Blood” and “Blank Space.” It has (predictably) already hit numero uno on YouTube’s trending list. The vid begins with Swift being interviewed by reporters, taking selfies with young fans and yet also feeling like she can only be herself away from the cameras. But that all changes when Swift magically becomes invisible, allowing her to let her freak-flag fly, awkward-dancing her way through a hotel, the subway and out onto the streets.

While few can relate to Swift’s $280 million empire, many fans—and even some non-fans—are connecting with the message of the video. And they’ve already uploaded the memes to prove that:

However, the vid has also hit a sour note among some social media users. After “Delicate” premiered, some Twitter users called out the vid accusing it of being a rip-off of Spike Jonze’s iconic fragrance commercial for Kenzo.

But let’s be real, what would a Swift single be without some controversy over whether or not she actually stole what is intended to be a fresh new brand of awkward girl-next-door?

As a non-Swift fan, for me what sets this song and dance apart from Swift’s previous videos is her opening lyric. “My reputations never been worse so / you must like me for me,” sings Swift, which feels surprisingly self-aware compared to her earlier release “Look What You Made Me Do.” Dare I say, that message alone is worthy of some clapping emojis?

Whether “Delicate” signals a turning point for Swift’s rep is still do be determined, but it’s safe to say that this song—and its memes—are already taking over.

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