Welcome to another episode of THE QUICK AND THE DIRTY PODCAST. It’s the stuff you talk about with your friends, except we just put it on the internet.  It’s easier that way.

This week on THE QUICK…Sandra wonders if she is sexist.  She refuses to get a massage from a man and is seriously wondering what that says about her.   Meanwhile, Hilary gets handsy with the wrong person. Literally.  It was the wrong person.  It could’ve ended a lot worse than it did.  

This week on THE DIRTY,  they welcome Ottawa stand up comedian Mark Hatfield.  This guy’s story is so cool  He played in the NFL, CFL, became a motivational speaker, then became a firefighter, and does stand up comedy on the side.  Oh ya, he has a podcast too.  You want to talk about an overachiever?  It’s this guy.  He talks about the journey that led him to comedy, and why he thinks developing a Plan B is a bad idea.  Did we mention he’s hilarious?
Check out Mark’s podcast HERE. https://itunes.apple.com/ca/podcast/the-hatfield-trip/id1249454057?mt=2

His website http://markhatfield.ca


(Mark Hatfield)


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Originally Aired: February 22, 2018


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