Taylor Swift decided to share her Spotify playlist and here’s what’s on it:

YES that IS Marianas Trench at the (almost) top!

Like many of the artists featured on the “Guest List”, the Vancouver based pop-rockers were pleasantly surprised and took their glee to Twitter.

The full list features KiSS Artists Camila Cabello, Charli XCX, Ed Sheeran, Taylor Swift and more.

Maybe that’s why Taylor skipped the GRAMMYs… she was too busy plotting the perfect playlist. We’ve all been there!

Ok, so she’s also been busy doing something else. Rumor has it, she bought a two-story unit in the same building as her lavish Tribeca penthouse at 155 Franklin Street. She also bought a townhouse next to her building at 153 Franklin. Some are speculating that the singer may have plans to join the neighbouring properties into one mega-structure.

For those of you keeping track, Taylor now owns about fifty million dollars worth of real estate in that one block. We all know that girl loves her mansions! Now, who’ll be tasked with the massive project of adjoining the spaces? The stress of renovating should get us a few new songs outta her, maybe an album! Who knows?

There are some interesting theories as to what Swift might do with all that extra space. You can read some of them in this Vanity Fair article by CLICKING HERE.The best theory so far is probably the Winchester Mystery House one. Maybe she feels she has some ghosts to hide from? Build away, Taylor. Build your heart out!

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