The best thing every year about the Superbowl is the memes that come out after it’s all over. Last year there was the lady gaga halftime performance memes, before that there was the Katy Perry left shark memes, and this year there is a new meme thanks to Justin Timberlake and his halftime show. At one point JT walks up into the crowd and stops by a young kid that people are now calling Superbowl Selfie Kid.  While JT is singing and dancing the kid looks a little distracted with his phone to take what Justin Timberlake would call it a “Superbowl Selfie ya’lll”.  It turns out, the kid was shocked that JT was right next to him and the reason he looked so distracted was because his phone died right before he went to take a video! So he scrambled to turn it back on before the moment passed.


Click here to catch Justin Timberlake’s full halftime performance. 



So naturally after that, the internet exploded with memes surrounding the kid and Justin Timberlake, causing it go viral. Here are our favorite memes from Superbowl 52:


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This gorgeous boy won LVP tnt. Bless his soul (@tank.sinatra)

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