This month’s ‘One to Watch’ artist sat down with our very own Brooksy to chat about their latest single, ‘Body’ and discussed how they came to work with Brando.

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Loud Luxury discuss their new song "Body"

Originally Aired: January 30, 2018

“We were originally in LA, we had moved their two years ago and one night he was telling me that he had this singer he wanted to check out, so we went to the show, we saw the performance, which turned out to be the opener of the artist that we were going to go and see and it was Brando at the time and he was doing his own project with somebody else. So, we were just absolutely blown away by his performance that when it was all said and down we didn’t even end up working with the artist that we had originally went to go and see.”

They added, “We started doing some sessions together and the song ‘Body’ actually started as a Hip-Hop idea that he had. It was much slower. It was sort of [had] this DJ Mustard, Wiz Khalifa, Ty Dolla $ign feeling and then he played it for us and we were like ‘this is really catchy we’d love to mess around with it a little bit. So we ended up speeding it up a lot, changing the vibe of it completely and I remember not even having the song anywhere near finished but just listening to the idea of the chords and the vocals and that alone felt amazing.”

The song is amazing too as it’s been streamed nearly 9 million times worldwide on Spotify.

Take a listen to ‘Body’ from this month’s ‘One to Watch’ artist, Loud Luxury!


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