During his set at the AVA Festival n Myanmar on New Year’s Eve 2017, Martin Garrix premiered his single, ‘Scared to Be Lonely’ featuring singer Dua Lipa.



A few weeks later he’d released the official video for the song; then a few months later the artists released acoustic versions of ‘Scared to Be Lonely’.



Canadian EDM duo Loud Luxury took their shot at remixing the Garrix record and I’d have to say they did an incredible job; take a listen to it below.



They sat down with EDM Identity and revealed just how the song came about…

 “We got in touch with Martin through our single “Fill Me In”. We didn’t even realize he was such a big fan until someone messaged one of us saying to check Martin’s Instagram story. In a week span, I remember he made at least 2 or 3 posts of it playing in the background while he was travelling.

At the same time, “Scared To Be Lonely” was just being released as a single. The second we heard it, we knew we had to reach out. Really love the emotional but party vibe of it.”

What do you think of Loud Luxury’s remix to ‘Scared to Be Lonely’. Let us know and learn more about Loud Luxury, this month’s One to Watch!


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