Kylie Jenner is finally back in the public eye, and now, we’re almost certain that she’s a mama-to-be.

Apparently, the only way to coax the otherwise nowhere-to-be-found member of the Kardashian-Jenner clan out of hiding is by making her an offer she can’t refuse: an ad campaign with Calvin Klein. Duh!

This morning, the brand released images of Kourtney, Khloe, Kim, Kendall and Kylie lounging in a barn wearing the brand’s iconic tighty-whities to promote the spring/summer 2018 collection, fittingly entitled Our Family. The collection, which involves a mash-up of undergarments and some intriguing denim pieces, is inspired by family as “a patchwork of individuals, unified and unbreakable.”

The photos are unsurprisingly stunning (it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that these women are the most photogenic), but the way Kylie is positioned in each shot has people going nuts.

Rumours of Kylie’s pregnancy have been swirling since October, and, despite her sisters’ repeated attempts to quash the gossip, the not-so-subtle way her stomach is covered in every single Calvin Klein photo is not helping. At all.

kylie kendall kim kourtney khloe for calvin klein

(Photo: Willy Vanderperre for Calvin Klein)

So, does the fact that Kylie’s belly is hidden by a blanket confirm that she’s defo preggo? It’s either an absolute yes, or we’re being trolled by the most masterfully marketed family in the world. TBH, we’re not ruling anything out.

In another photo, Kylie’s bod is almost completely obstructed from view as she snuggles up to Khloe.

kylie kendall kim kourtney khloe for calvin klein

(Photo: Willy Vanderperre for Calvin Klein)

In the campaign video, the gals are seen lying around (in Calvin head-to-toe, we should note) playing a game of Never Have I Ever. Frustratingly, you can’t tell who’s claiming to have done what—isn’t that game meant to be played with some sort of score?—and the sisters barely even skim the surface of all the things we’d *actually* like to know about.

Here’s a good one: never have I ever been pregnant! Ha! You there, Kylie??


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