Fans of Camila Cabello rejoice, her new album is finally here!




Camila has released her debut solo album, Camila.

Back in August, Camila released one of the album’s standout records , ‘Havana’ featuring Young Thug.



In May, she revealed plans to release her first solo album in a Twitter letter to fans.


In the letter Camila said, “the hurting the healing the loving’ is the story of my journey from darkness into light, from a time when i was lost to a time when i found myself again.”

She spoke openly about the meaning behind Camila saying,

“The story behind the album starts with the second song that you’ll hear called ‘I have questions’ which I started writing in a hotel bathroom on tour a little over a year ago… I was completely broken during that time, i was in the kind of pain that’s uncomfortable to talk about, and it was the kind of chapter you never want to read out loud…. i couldn’t write another song for 6 months because writing meant i had to feel everything, and i wasn’t ready to do that yet.”



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As noted above, the album’s original title was The Hurting, The Healing, The Loving but as she explained to Apple Music’s Zane Lowe, she changed the title to help her move on from a “heartbreak”…

 “Everything that I talked about it in an interview, it just made it really difficult to really move on.”

She added, “I don’t want to give that power over somebody else — that the whole first album revolves around them and this bad situation. It’s giving that too much power. I think that everything happens in a parallel way, where it was me taking power over the title and control over what the album was about and me just taking power over my own life.”

Take a listen to the full interview below.



Camila’s fans have expressed their love for the album on Twitter, check out some reaction below.



This is a REALLY good album from Camila. The album has songs to turn up to like, ‘Havaba’ and other more reflective tracks, (‘Real Friends’ & ‘Never Be The Same’, the latter of which she released a music video that features a montage of home movies and other career achievements ).



Camila had been performing tracks from the album while opening up for Bruno Mars on his ‘24K World Tour’.



Take a listen to Camila below and let us know what you think!

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