Arie Luyendyk Jr. is the Bachelor on Season 22 of the hit reality TV show… and after the first episode that aired Januarie (hehe) 1st, we are totally down for Arie to find his true love.

At first many we skeptical when the surprise announcement that Arie would be the new Bachelor. Seeing as he was a contestant on a not so relevant season (8), where he made it to the top 2 with Emily Maynard. But after the season premiere I think alot of people have changed their mind…


Between the salt & pepper hair, the piercing blue eyes, the fact he drives race cars, oh and his personality rocks too… We’re totally stoked he was picked as this seasons Bachelor over Peter, his competition from Rachel Lindsay’s season who had been rumored to be choosing despite the fact he told Rachel he didn’t wanna get engaged (yawn).


So there are 29 ladies competing for Arie’s heart… All gorgeous, and unlike previous seasons all of them seem to have stable promising careers (but the season is still young).


Now… Every time a new season of the Bachelor/Bachelorette airs, Jimmy Kimmel has them on his show. Last night Arie graced us with his beautiful blue eyed presence and let Jimmy try to guess his top 4 and the winner!


We were personally shocked with his choice (or his wife’s choice) on who Arie is engaged too. Not in a bad way, totally a good way in the sense that she seems normal and established and smart, etc.
See for yourself, think Kimmel is right?!


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