The Bachelor is back in, like, 45 percent of its regular glory thanks to the duller-than-dull Arie Luyendyk Jr., and, while he had some pretty interesting (read: questionable) quotes throughout the first episode (i.e. “excitement and pizza“), it seems the ladies of Season 22 are bound to be our true stars.

In fact, one contestant already stands out for a pretty unorthodox reason—by Bachelor standards, anyway. Bekah Martinez hasn’t disclosed her age… anywhere! Not on the official ABC site and not at any point during the premiere. This is especially interesting because 36-year old Arie is pretty flippin’ old relative to the rest of Bachelor Nation. The former race car driver was actually one of the eldest participants when he made his franchise debut on the eighth season of The Bachelorette at the age of 30.

We weren’t the only ones who noticed the gaping hole on the screen where Bekah’s age was supposed to be, and the mystery lasted virtually no time at all. Bekah’s Instagram was quickly uncovered, and so was a post from February 10, 2016 wherein she uses the hashtag ‘#21’. Eureka!

#21 #knobbyknees

A post shared by bekah martinez (@whats_ur_sign) on

We even know the day of her birth after discovering a post from January 10, 2017, where Bekah talks about being one month away from her fave life event. Do the math, et voila. Our sly Beks is 22-years old!

So, this is weird. Arie is likely closer to Bekah’s dad’s age than he is to her own, and while we’re inclined to give this match the benefit of the doubt (especially after hearing Sharleen Joynt’s take on the matter), we can’t help but feel that 22-year-olds want waaaaay different things than 36-year-olds… amirite?

Also, how the heck did the Bach producers let this slide? If it’s the case that they intentionally omitted her age to cause a stir (the likelihood of which is really. damn. high), that is so sleazy. It’s one thing for her to be young, but it’s a total other story to make her age the focus when it should be on how she connects with Arie.

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