‘I Like Me Better’ from Lauv, the 23 year old singer-songwriter, has an impressive list of accomplishments since its release last May.

It’s amassed nearly 300 million streams on Spotify, has been certified Platinum in five countries and certified Gold in four others, and has been viewed over 32 million times on YouTube; needless to say, it’s a smash.

So what’s the song about?

Well, according to Lauv it has to do with a past relationship,

“I was reflecting fondly on the beginning of my relationship when I first moved to New York for school…I was in a place where I was honestly kind of lost. I didn’t really know where I was going or exactly who I wanted to be. Out of nowhere, I fell in love. I didn’t know about everything else in my life…I was trying to figure it out, but the one thing I knew was happier since I met that person.”

‘I Like Me Better’ is part of Lauv’s debut playlist, I Met You When I was 18, which is available on Spotify HERE.

The playlist was comprised in a particular and deliberate order,

“I wanted to let people experience the songs in the order of the story they’re meant to tell… The songs are all connected and I want people to get the full picture. And I want them to unfold it the same way I have.”

So what’s Lauv’s goal when listeners listen to his playlist and songs like, ‘I Like Me Better’?

He says, “When listening to I met you when I was 18., I want listeners to feel the way I’ve felt on this whole journey…“For me, becoming Lauv was about realizing it’s okay to be vulnerable, honest, and not hide your emotions. In being open, you realize that more people than you might’ve thought feel the exact same way or have been through the same things. We live in a world where a lot of people are afraid of really expressing themselves. They want to portray an image of perfection on social media. The reality is we’re f**king human. I want you to hear my music and feel, ‘I can be honest and vulnerable with the people around me.’”


Check out Lauv’s ‘I Like Me Better’ in the video above, and stream his playlist, I Met You When I was 18, below!


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