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Looks like Liam Payne is the next artist to lend his voice to the Fifty Shades of Grey franchise and he’s brining along Rita Ora.



In a recent Instagram post, Liam posted a photo standing side-by-side with Rita in very fancy grey suit (Rita also shares the same picture on her Instagram).  The caption on the photo reads, “#FiftyShadesFreed” which can only mean two things …



  • He and Rita are collaborating on a track together


  • He might do some acting in the film (remember, Rita plays Christian’s sister, Mia Grey (Liam COULD be playing a love interest, friend or even family member.)


And it would make sense if Liam was lending his vocals on a track for the film.  Ex-band member Zayn, along with Taylor Siwft dropped ‘I Don’t Wanna Live Forever’ for the Fifty Shades Darker soundtrack in late 2016.  As of right now, nothing has been confirmed but it’s safe to say, something is totally up.



The official trailer for Fifty Shades Freed is out now (it dropped early November) however, you’ll have to wait until Feb. 9, 2018 for the actual movie.




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