In addition to a brand new track AND album, Eminem recently posted a preview of his new music video for ‘Walk On Water’ which features Beyonce.


Along with the video, Eminem also posted a tweet saying, “Can’t wait to share this with you.”  Now, there’s no word on when the video will officially drop but A.) we now know a video is coming and B.) very good possibility that it might drop late December or early new year.




As Billboard explains, “In the clip, you see Eminem and some look-alikes in a classroom typing nonsensically on typewriters channeling French mathematician Émile Borel’s famous infinite monkey theorem, which states that a monkey hitting keys at random on a typewriter would eventually type a given text — such as the complete works of William Shakespeare. Variants of the theorem have included multiple or even infinite many monkey typists — or in this case Eminems — who would eventually create a work of brilliance.”


Now, if you haven’t already checked out Eminem’s latest album, Revival, listen to it BELOW:



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