Oceans 8 just gave us another reason to count down the days until summer. The new trailer for the highly anticipated all-female reboot of the classic caper film officially dropped and, no surprise, it lives up to the hype.

Join the dream scheme. #Oceans8 is in theaters June 2018.

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Set to release on June 8, the film follows Sandra Bullock as Debra Ocean, the estranged sis of Danny Ocean (played by George Clooney in the previous franchise), as she tries to pull off a heist at the infamous Vogue‘s annual fundraising gala held at the Metropolitan Museum in New York City. Fun fact: this fictionalized heist of the Met Gala will hit theatres just about a month after the real Catholic-themed 2018 Met Gala takes place on April 30 and will be co-hosted by Rihanna, who also stars in Ocean’s 8, and George Clooney Danny Ocean’s wife Amal. If that’s not some serious cross-promo material, I don’t know what is. UGH. So here for the #GRLPWR, but, if that’s not enough for you (as it’s obviously not enough for us), here are some more reasons this movie is bound to be completely amaze—plus some BTS info courtesy of the cast.

The cast is almost entirely female…

FYI, this is likely to be the all-female sequel of the century (hells ya). In a departure from Ocean’s past—a trilogy of laugh-out-loud heist movies starring Clooney alongside more even more dudes (Matt Damon, Brad Pitt and Don Cheadle)—this cast is chock-full of badass women.

Anne Hathaway is the target… or is she?

According to the trailer, Bullock is fresh out of prison and ready to get back in the game, but of course, she can’t pull it off alone. Instead, like her brother, she assembles the seriously fierce #squad of Cate Blanchett, Mindy Kaling, Sarah Paulson, Helena Bonham Carter, Awkwafina and Rihanna.

Yes, you counted right, that is only seven.

The trailer, makes it seem like the target of the heist is Daphne Kluger (Anne Hathaway), a star who is attending the Met Gala wearing a necklace worth more than $100 million, as you do, but according to the posters, Hathaway is part of the crew. Safe to say that there are some twists and turns in store, and we cannot wait.

Get ready for some serious cameos

Outside of the absolutely star-studded main cast, this movie promises to be a veritable treasure trove of big names. Since the heist takes place at the Met Gala, get ready to see stars like Kendall and Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian West, Anna Wintour, Zac Posen, Hailey Baldwin, Zayn Malik and Adriana Lima. James Corden makes an appearance in the trailer, and big name celebs including Olivia Munn, Katie Holmes and Dakota Fanning will also pop up at some point in the film. Like, was this cast party low-key the best shindig of the year?

Danny Ocean is dead?!

In the last scene of the trailer we see Bullock, as Danny Ocean’s sister Debbie, sipping a martini in front of a grave stone that reads “Danny Ocean 1961-2018.” Say it ain’t so! Before you start mourning this serious loss, don’t forget that when it comes to Danny, he’s always got something up his sleeve so maybe it’s just a decoy? Here’s hoping.

The outfits are fab

The trailer, which just dropped on Dec. 19, gave us our first peek at the absolutely stunning gowns and glitzy jewellery that we will get to see this cast wear, and we are so here for it. We get a brief glimpse of Kaling’s gown, which basically appears to drape her in head-to-toe sparkle and is super reminiscent of Bianca Brandolini’s iconic all-gold 2012 Met Gala gown. The trailer also quickly shows Met-Gala pro Rihanna, showing up in an off-the-shoulder gown—a v. similar look to Doutzen Kroes’s gown from last year, but upgraded in Fenty red. TBH, we would expect nothing less from a film set at the Met Gala.

Old crew visits the new crew

Though Danny (George Clooney) appears to be dead, and his character does not appear on the full-cast list, some of his Ocean’s Eleven crew pay the Ocean’s 8 gals a visit. Adding to the long list of cameos, fans can get ready to see Matt Damon reprise his role as Linus Caldwell, and Carl Reiner return as Saul Bloom.

The cast totally fan-girled over each other 

“With that group of women, I’ve never felt so un-famous in my entire life,” Kaling told Seth Meyers on The Late Show. And who can blame her? That is a whole lot of famous in one film. In a separate interview, Paulson told Meyers how, after she won the Golden Globe for her standout performance in The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story, Rihanna texted her a crying-laughing emoji. And just like any of us would, Paulson proceeded to completely fan-girl at the fact that she had received a text from a goddess. Oh, and Paulson also confirmed that Rihanna sent her free Fenty so there’s that. #SquadGoals

Rihanna attracted the most paparazzi on set

“It’s interesting because there’s so much paparazzi there for Rihanna,” Kaling told Meyers on The Late Show. “So, there’s movie/TV famous and then there’s international popstar famous, which is like a whole other thing.” She describes one day when they shot a scene with all eight of the leads. Apparently, when they walked outside Kaling was talking to Hathaway and RiRi was behind them—and of course, the paparazzi was going wild. But as soon as Rihanna left the scene, “the paparazzi left so quickly; it was like a desert,” Kaling, recounted laughing.


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