When it comes to nail art, no one in the world of Instagram does it better than Park Eunkyung of Unistella. Without a doubt, the Seoul-based nail artist is the queen of her craft. She’s even caught the attention of Vogue because she’s created the coolest designs in the business (see: her shattered glass nails, bracelet nails, neon-art nails… the list goes on), all of which she shares on the reg with her more than 230,000 followers. So you can bet that when I found myself in South Korea’s capital city for vacation, I just knew I had to pay her a visit in the city’s ritzy Cheongdam-dong district and pick her brain for some holiday nail inspo. (You’re welcome.)

If you (like me) didn’t leave a big enough window to go get a proper manicure and are tight on time, Park is here to help. Here are her best tips and tricks for how to recreate some of her most dazzling (and holiday-ready) nail art looks in the comfort of your own home. Who needs statement jewellery when your nails can do the talking?

Prism nails

The inspiration: Park’s pretty prism nails are meant to mimic the “interior surface of an abalone shell,” she says.

What you’ll need: Nude pink polish, white polish, aurora film, a slender writing brush, top coat and tweezers.

How to make it happen: 

  1. Paint your nails with a nude pink polish.
  2. Cut the aurora film into thin strips.
  3. Place three to four film strips (or as many as you can fit side-by-side) on each nail.
  4. Carefully take off the surface of the film to reveal the “prism effect” with tweezers.
  5. Apply top coat.
  6. If you’re up for it, draw a 5-point star with a slender writing brush and white polish on your ring finger.
  7. Apply another layer of top coat.

?Glitter outline nails

The inspiration: “I seek minimal designs. This one was inspired by the shape of a nail.”

What you’ll need: Top coat, round glitter and tweezers.

How to make it happen:

  1. Outline your nails with a top coat.
  2. Using tweezers, place the round glitter around the outline of your nails.
  3. Apply top coat.

Pearl cuticle nails

The inspiration: “This look is inspired by pearl necklaces,” says Eunkyung.

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What you;ll need: Skin glue or brush-on adhesive, black or nude pink polish, mini pearl beads, tweezers and top coat.

How to make it happen:

  1. Apply nude pink or black polish on whichever nail you want.
  2. Apply top coat.
  3. Trace the outline of your nails with skin glue or brush-on adhesive.
  4. Place mini pearl beads around the outline of your nails with tweezers.
  5. Adjust to your liking.

?Glitter bomb nails

The inspiration: “I love playing with the texture of glitter.”

What you’ll need: Top coat, dusting brush, silver powder glitter

?*Warning* this will get messy

How to make it happen:

  1. Apply the top coat to your nails.
  2. Sprinkle silver powder glitter all over your nails.
  3. Brush off the excess powder glitter around the nail with a dusting brush

Note: Do not apply top coat for the last step

?Star nails

The inspiration: “Star nails are the adult version of the sticker nails we used to do as a kid,” says Park.

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What you’ll need: Star-shaped rhinestones or silver star-shaped stickers, top coat and clear nail glue.

How to make it happen: 

  1. Put a drop of clear nail glue to the back of the star-shaped rhinestone (or star-shaped sticker) and place it in the middle of your nail.
  2. Apply top coat.

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