Pinterest released its top 10 beauty trends of 2017 and, as we look for #NewYearNewMe inspo, we’re perusing the ever-pinteresting picks to see which we’ll take with us into 2018. We’re saying “hells to the ya” to trends like “50 shades of you” (a.k.a. wider ranges of nude shades popping up in Sephora’s foundation aisles—tysm, RiRi), but others have us shaking our heads.

Read on to find out what we’ll be rocking come the new year.


pinterest beauty trends long hair demi lovato

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Long hair

Heading into 2018, we’re saying yes to hair long enough for boho-chic braids, slick high ponies and thick AF top-knots. The dainty lob may have been a lewk for awhile, but we’re dying for our locks to touch our booties again. Long live long manes!

pinterest beauty trends fenty beauty foundation

(Photo: Leo Tapel)

50 shades of you

‘Twas a big year for inclusivity in the world of makeup—Rihanna kicked off the wide-range game with her unbelievable 40 shades of Fenty foundation (all of which we tested, ICYMI), and Huda Beauty followed suit with an ever-impressive 30 shades. Needless to say, we’re excited to see a wide range of colours become the norm for beauty brands in the new year.

pinterest beauty trends bold eye shay mitchell


Bright eyes

We are *very* here for any and all colour when it comes to eyes, but there’s a special place in our hearts RN for the bright and bold bottom eyeliner. Regardless of the hue you pick, a strip of colour makes a happy addition to any outfit and it’s guaranteed to brighten a fatigued visage (a.k.a., us everyday).


pinterest beauty trends kim kardashian wet hair

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Wet hair

While this ‘do may look sweet on the cover of a high fashion mag, it is not at all realistic for us non-models. It might start out fine, but your hair quickly goes from “wow, that’s edgy” to “wow, is that… grease?” Plus, in these harsh Canadian winters, all the product freezes the moment you step outside! We’re waving bye-bye to perma-wet locks.

pinterest beauty trends graphic nail art

(Photo: ImaxTree)

Graphic (nail) design

Nail art is fun for, like, a second, and then we kind of regret opting for it in long-lasting shellac. The designs get old fast, and any manicure that involves 3-D items is simply too much for your day-to-day. Moving into 2018, we’re all about being as neutral as poss (on our fingertips, anyway).

pinterest beauty trends long lashes selena gomez

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Next level lashes

We *love* long, longlashes, but we’re leaving falsies in 2017. They’re uncomfortable, tough to apply and difficult to reuse. That said, we’re very into prods that use au natural ingredients to physically lengthen our own lashes, and, of course, any mascara that will deepen our natural length.

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