We have a name and a release date!! Camila and January 12.


to my Camilizers…. my debut album is finally finished. now i'm trying to steady my heartbeat!!!!!!! thank you for being so patient with me this year, i can't wait for you to hear what has been the soundtrack to the past year of my life… all of these songs have special memories behind them, and i'm not gonna lie, it feels emotional letting them go, feels like the end of a chapter… i decided to call it by my name, because this is where this chapter in my life ended. it started with somebody else's story, it ended with me finding my way back to myself. my album is gonna be available for pre order this Thursday, and i'm putting out two instant grat tracks with it…. one is called never be the same, and one is called real friends. it's in your hands January 12 love you guys so much, Camila

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This is going to be Camila Cabello’s first, solo debut album and Camila is now sharing the details about her track list, the songs that made it onto her album and the one’s that ALMOST didn’t.


After her hit single ‘Havana’ reached to the top of the iTunes charts, Camila dropped another two brand new tracks, ‘Never Be The Same and ‘Real Friends’ and well, story goes that ‘Real Friends’ almost didn’t make it onto the album but thank goodness it did!




According to MTV, “It turns out that “Real Friends” — which aches with homesickness and disillusionment, thanks to the time she spent in L.A. — nearly didn’t make it onto Camila due to the last-minute nature of the song’s recording, but it’s a good thing it did considering it’s one of her faves on the record.”



As for ‘Never Be The Same’, “If you need a musical definition for the beautiful, intense process of falling in love, this will do the trick, as it’s all “intoxicating and reckless and feels like flying,” explains MTV.


SET THE DATE! Camila will be available Jan. 12


suddenly i'm a fiend and you're all i need

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Listen to ‘Real Friends’ BELOW:



And check out other previously released tracks from Camila BELOW:




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