If you’re ready for new music from Ariana Grande, you might not have to wait too long because Ariana is currently working on her fourth studio album RIGHT NOW!

In a series of Instagram stories, Ariana revealed that she’s working on a new album.  A picture that was posted online came from an Ariana fan account (it was a blurry black and white photo) and it looked like Ariana in the studio.  Once Ariana got her hands on the pic, she re-posted it and captioned it, “i’m pretty sure dis is very old or fake.  if you wanted confirmation that i’ve been workin why didn’t you just ask?”

Following the leaked black and white studio pic, Ariana posted a Polaroid shot of herself, confirming that she IS in studio.



Ariana’s fourth album would be the follow-up to her Dangerous Woman album, which was released in 2016.

Following the Manchester attack, Ariana explained to Billboard why she wasn’t rushing back into the studio, “It’s been very challenging for all of us involved so it would be nice to really hold my loved ones close for a little while, stay home for a little bit. But knowing me, I’m going to be in the studio because I love it, and I want to create. I started an album already a year ago, over a year ago, but I want to keep creating, and it’s not done yet. So I’m going to take my sweet ass time, so I’ll be rested and ready to go again as soon as possible.

In the meantime, let’s jam out to some of Ariana’s recent hits BELOW: 



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