HALLELUJAH! Schitt’s Creek is back, baby.

My, oh my, how we’ve missed the Roses: Alexis’s disgruntled moans, David’s exclusively black and white ensembles, Moira’s vast collection of wigs and Johnny’s brows have been sorely absent from our lives. So when we heard that Schitt’s Creek—the brainchild of Canadian father-son duo Eugene and Dan Levy—would be back on our TV screens on January 9, we started straight up singing to the heavens.

To add to the excitement, the trailer for Season 4 just dropped and even just these two minutes are giving us laughing-too-hard tummy pains. They definitely have nothing to do with the fact that we’ve hit replay approximately 31 times… right?

One reason we’re so stoked for the return of Schitt’s Creek is that Season 3 left us with several Qs about Johnny and Moira’s famjam. Firstly, is David serious about this new beau, Patrick?! Because we love them together and we are here for it. Also, what is Alexis like in a school setting? And will Moira continue her hilarious contribution to public policy? These are all things we need to know ASAP.

The trailer also gave us a glimpse into something David calls “The Number,” which involves getting on stage with Moira and singing “ding, dong, ding, dong” back and forth to each other. We don’t know what this means nor who is in the audience, we just know we need it to have its own episode.

If you think we’re the biggest fans of Schitt’s Creek, you’re wrong. It’s an international gem, trust. Just last week, Will Arnett—a.k.a. the iconic G.O.B. on Arrested Development—tweeted that this Canadian comedy is quite possibly his fave on TV right now.

The starstruck responses from the cast did not disappoint.

All this goes to say that January 9 cannot come soon enough. While we wait, we will have the outtakes from Season 2 playing on a loop.


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