Fergie’s latest comments about crystal meth may just be the anti-drug PSA of the year.

In an interview with the U.K.’s iNews promoting her new solo album Double Dutchess, the pop singer got candid about how her past crystal meth addiction from the early aughts damaged her brain and caused her to have daily hallucinations for a year after she stopped using. Yes that’s right—an entire year.

“At my lowest point, I was [suffering from] chemically induced psychosis and dementia. I was hallucinating on a daily basis,” she said. “It took a year after getting off that drug for the chemicals in my brain to settle so that I stopped seeing things. I’d just be sitting there, seeing a random bee or bunny.”

The 42-year-old artist said that at one point she believed the CIA, FBI and a SWAT team were tracking her. It wasn’t until she took refuge in a church that she realized it was the drugs that were making her extremely paranoid.

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“They tried to kick me out [of the church], because I was moving down the aisles in this crazy way, as I thought there was an infrared camera in the church trying to check for my body,” she said. “I bolted past the altar into a hallway and two people were chasing me.”

“I remember thinking: ‘If I walk outside, and the SWAT team’s out there, I was right all along. But if they’re not out there, then it’s the drugs making me see things and I’m going to end up in an institution. And if it really is the drugs, I don’t want to live my life like this any more, anyway.’ I walked out of the church; obviously there was no SWAT team, it was just me in a parking lot. It was a freeing moment.”

While terrifying at the time, Fergie said she was thankful for the experience as it strengthened her faith and helped her “hope for something better.”

The former Black Eyed Peas lead singer has been open about her drug use in the past. In an interview with Evening Standard in September, Fergie told the outlet that she was “seeing devils everywhere” during her hallucination period. “The drugs that I was taking were making me insane. I was definitely seeing things and talking to them.”

In 2012, Fergie, who said she used crystal meth for a year before getting clean, told Oprah Winfrey that she started taking drugs as a teen. “From ecstasy it went to crystal meth,” she revealed.

“With any drugs, everything is great at the beginning, and then slowly your life starts to spiral down. ”

If you or someone you know is struggling with substance abuse, call the Drug and Alcohol Helpline at 1-800-565-8603 for more information.

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