Thinking of skipping the gym today? Leslie Jones doesn’t want you to. Don’t believe us? Check out her Instagram.

The Saturday Night Live star, 50, is committed to her workouts, and her social media accounts are a treasure trove of motivating posts to help you get those reps in.

While we loved following along as the Ghostbusters actress live-tweeted her fave moments of the Rio Olympics last summer, and again when she was the ultimate hype woman for Coco Rocha this past New York Fashion Week, it’s her intense workout posts that are keeping us inspired.

She’s not posting sweat-free gym, perfectly lit selfies like your average fitness blogger. No, Jones is letting the world know that she’s putting in the work. And it’s so honest and real and damn refreshing to see.

Jones started regularly sharing social media updates about her fitness in March, posting videos, action shots and selfies of her workouts with New York City personal trainer Thaddeus Harvey. Last year, she told Live with Kelly that she lost 40 pounds with regular exercise and changes her diet: “I got rid of soda and juice, that was the first thing I did,” she said. “That was literally 20 lbs. right there.”

Next time you need a push to get in some cardio, look no further than your new, incomparably funny gym buddy.

Leslie Jones finds her inner warrior on leg day

Every time I make it through LEG DAY I always feel like fucking WARRIOR!! @trainwiththaddeus @completebodygym

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She battles her way through arm day, too

Got it in today!! Muthafucking Arm Day!!! @trainwiththaddeus @completebodygym

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She calls on other buff celebs to join her

She fully acknowledges that it won’t be easy

I look so mad cause I am. Trying to work through it!!@trainwiththaddeus @completebodygym

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No matter how much she dreads it, she pushes herself to get in that cardio

Cardio! @trainwiththaddeus

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