Sexual harassment is so not funny, but the insanity of its widespread reach made for a hilar and so on-point Saturday Night Live skit.

On Saturday, the funny AF ladies of SNL performed a pop parody called “Welcome to Hell” that tackled the prevalence of sexual harassment for women. The show’s host, Saoirse Ronan, joined cast members Aidy Bryant, Cecily Strong and Kate McKinnon to sing about the “hell” women live in—and have been living in since the beginning of time—in light of the mounting sexual harassment and assault allegations in Hollywood (and everywhere else, TBH).

“Hey there, boys. We know the last couple months have been freakin’ insane,” Strong says to start the song. “All these big, cool, powerful guys are turning out to be… what’s the word? Habitual predators?” adds Bryant.

The song continues:

“Cat’s out of the bag! Women get harassed all the time. And it’s like dang, is this the world now? But here’s a little secret that every girl knows: this been the damn world.”

“It’s freaky, it’s narsty, it’s button-under-the-desk-bad, but this is our hometown. We’ll show you around! Welcome to hell.”

Between McKinnon clawing with keys between her fingers as a weapon (what woman hasn’t done this while walking home alone?!) to Ronan pointing out how dudes are complaining about House of Cards being ruined thanks to Kevin Spacey, the girl power ballad perfectly articulates the messed-up reality of living as a woman in 2017. To put it simply, “Welcome to Hell” is the anthem of the year.

Apart from being so accurate WHILE being hilarious, one part of the song that really resonates is when McKinnon addresses the question of “Why don’t women say anything?” when they’re harassed. Ronan’s response? “We definitely did—for years,” with an image of a woman being tied to a tree and set on fire. How’s that for a response, guys?

At one point in the performance, comedian Leslie Jones takes the stage to remind the ladies that sexual harassment is many times worse for women of colour (which is super important to remember) before joining them in song.

On Twitter, lots of women praised “Welcome to Hell” for highlighting sexual harassment so well.

Basically, our reaction:

Thank you SNL, for showing how insane being a woman in 2017 really is.

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