Love is real, y’all. And so is engagement roast chicken, evidently. Just in case you missed the approx. 8.7 gazillion news hits and tweets about the blessed news, everyone’s favourite redheaded scallywag, Prince Harry, is engaged to his gorgeous actress and humanitarian (and honorary Canadian) love, Meghan Markle, and the two revealed in an interview with BBC that he popped the question during a cozy night in over roast chicken. First of all, CUTE! I love roast chicken. I love the sides that go with roast chicken! (I basically measure the state of my life overall by how bountiful my side dishes are—the more potatoes, slaws and greens, the better IMO.) And I love love! What’s not to ship about this whole scenario? But back to the bird at hand.

For the uninitiated, engagement roast chicken is a dish so divine, your partner will apparently propose to you immeds upon tasting it (or so the urban food myth has long led supposedly lovelorn ladies to believe. More on that in a sec.) The engagement chicken recipe was first created decades ago by a woman named Kim Bonnell, a former fashion editor at Glamour. According to the magazine, Bonnell shared the recipe with her assistant sometime in the 1980s. The assistant made the dish for her boyfriend and, bam! Dude proposed pronto. Sounds simple and not problematic at all, right?

We’re not the only ones who noticed that Prince Harry engagement chicken is now a thing. Iconic chef Ina Garten, whose own roast chicken is the business, tweeted her support to the happy couple and celebs like Alexa Chung are wondering if they should start preheating the oven.


It’s also not Markle’s first poultry rodeo (or should we say… rotisserie?):

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Now, the notions that women are desperate to get married (ugh) and that a woman needs to cook perfect chicken—or anything—to “win” the undying affection of her partner/lock down a proposal (double ugh) are 100% bullshit and stereotypes by which I do not abide. But, the idea that Harkle whipped up a juicy bird together, with the supposed engagement chicken working its magic unbeknownst to them, is jokes. And it makes me hungry for chicken. And wonder what sides they had with their lovebird (ha). I’m a mashed potatoes and coleslaw gal myself, but doesn’t Harry seem like a mac and cheese man?

While I ponder what sides go best with a $350,000 rock, I say we forget this proposal nonsense and invite our girls over for some bomb chicken instead.

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