Just over an Hour Ago, the #NHL100Classic Jerseys for both the Ottawa Senators AND the Montreal Canadiens were revealed to… lukewarm reception at best.

Phot Cred: NHL

In fact, MOST people, at least locally: HATE THEM.


SO, in an effort to make things Easier for ALL involved, and make sure that even the die-hardest of fans can save a FEW dollars…

here’s a downloadable file that you can print out (single sided Printout, two pages.), then CUT OUT, and tape onto ANY shirt to make it look like the Sens NHL Classic jersey.

Things You’ll need:

  • THIS FILE: (click it to DL, or RIGHT CLICK and Save as!) DIY SENS CLASSIC JERSEY
  • A pair of scissors.
  • The printout.
  • Three long pieces of tape, folded over to create “self sticking” backings.
  • About 20 seconds of cutting time.
  • About 10 seconds of Taping Time






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