James Corden reminisces about his former Motown days with the ‘Stranger Things‘ cast.

Finn Wolfhard, Caleb McLaughlin, Gaten Matarasso and Noah Schnapp of Netflix’s ‘Stranger Things’ were recent guests on The Late Late Show with James Corden. The host revealed a documentary styled video showcasing his time in a Motown band called “The Upside Downs” with the child stars.

Wolfhard, 14, from Vancouver says “Some people thought it was weird that James hung out with us because he is an adult, but we actually went to school with him… he was held back a couple of years but we were in the same grade.”

“The boys and I, we have so much in common. We love playing video games, we all like taking naps, most importantly, we all love Motown.” – James Corden

The Upside Downs’ bread and butter was high school proms, birthday parties, bar mitzvahs and retirement homes but it was a wedding gig that rocketted the group to Netflix stardom. Execs from the streaming service saw a future for the kids but not for Corden.

C’est la vie.

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