Jennifer Lawrence interviews Kim Kardashian West while filling in on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

The Oscar winner is new to the late night hosting game but does a fabulous job of poking and prodding the second oldest Kardashian sister with questions about Blac Chyna, Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber, and even O.J. Simpson! Whaaaat?! Check out the interview:

Not bad, right? What can’t J-Law do?

Kimmel is taking some time off this week to shake a minor cold that’s postponed his son’s heart surgery. In addition to Jennifer Lawrence, he’s asked stars like Shaquille O-Neal, Dave Grohl and Channing Tatum to cover in his absence.

“[Kimmel] is very grateful [to them] for filling his very small shoes as guest hosts this week while he, his wife, and children sneeze on eachother.” – ABC

If all goes well, Kimmel will be back hosting Jimmy Kimmel Live! next week. Best wishes to lil Billy Kimmel and co. during this time.

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