Camila Cabello just dropped her new music video for her latest single ‘Havana’ featuring Young Thug.

The video begins with Camila, who plays a telenovela actress, who just walked in on her lover IN BED with her BEST FRIEND!! #Ouch

But wait, turns out it wasn’t her lover #PHEW but her lover’s TWIN brother and not only was he in bed with the best friend BUT the maid, too!!

Turns out, it was only an old fashioned TV show that real-life Camila was watching.  Latin superstars LeJuan James and Lele Pons play Camila’s family members aka the sister and her abuelita (grandmother).  Camila then leaves her home and makes her way to the movie theatre.

Once she arrives, the movie transforms into a traditional music video with Camila wearing a fringe-covered red dress, doin’ her thing in a club and dancing around various men.  When her real-life crush shows up, Camila chooses self-love over loving her crush, “I do love you, but I love me more!” says Camila.  When the movie ends, Camila shouts to her own self in the theatre saying, “Wait a minute. That’s it? That’s the ending? You end up alone!”  Then Camila [the actress] shouts back, “Hey sweetie. If you don’t like my story, go write your own!” Camila then dances her way home and meets up with her love and continues to dance with him.

Camila’s first-solo album, the hurting the healing the loving will drop in early 2018.

Check out this note Camila tweeted months ago, explaining her new album:



“the first song from my forthcoming album “the hurting the healing the loving” will come out on 5.19.17…. “the hurting the healing the loving” is the story of my journey from darkness into light, from a time when i was lost to a time when i found myself again. The story behind the album starts with the second song that you’ll hear called “I have questions” which I started writing in a hotel bathroom on tour a little over a year ago. i was completely broken during that time, i was in the kind of pain that’s uncomfortable to talk about, and it was the kind of chapter you never want to read out loud…. i couldn’t write another song for 6 months because writing meant i had to feel everything, and i wasn’t ready to do that yet. so when i graduated from hotel bathrooms to studios to make my first album, i was making music about everything BUT what i was going through, it was like a secret burning on my tongue and for some reason i could not get myself to say it till one day i just could not run anymore. i pulled up the lyrics from the year before, and “I have questions” was written. after that i wrote a sad song everyday, everything i wanted to say, every lyric on my phone, i said everything until i got tired of writing about it. until i was sick of the sad songs!!!!! as i got happier and happier, i realized the songs were getting happier and happier. and i realized i wasn’t making music just to make an album anymore, i was making this music to heal. it wasn’t until i had made enough songs to listen back to and realized i could hear myself coming back through these songs. i didn’t write it with the intention of delivering a message, but i realized the message was in the hurting, the healing, and the loving. i might have thought the hurting was my enemy before, but she became the best listener… i might have thought i was too impatient for the healing, and it did feel like sometimes she was taking forever, but i realized it made me appreciate her so much more when she arrived. and the loving, i wouldn’t have known how beautiful she was if i couldn’t miss her all that time to the hurting, thank you for teaching me that even if at night you take me into the deepest depths of the ocean, i will still wake in the morning.  to the healing, thank you for the tears. when they finally came, they tasted like God.  to the loving, you are even more beautiful than i remember.”

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