It’s almost here. Today Netflix released the final trailer for season 2 of Stranger Things and it leaves so many questions left for us! We see Eleven back, Will struggling deeply with the affects of the Upside Down, and a bigger, badder monster that is coming for the town of Hawkins.


For any who has been following updates, we already knew Eleven would be back for Season 2, but here’s hoping she has a huge role like she did in Season 1!

What is she trying to say? #StrangerThings

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The cast has also been giving fans “spoilers” for Season 2:

We don't know if you're Team Steve, @matthewacherry, but we do know you're Team Stranger. So we got you a spoiler.

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Hey @hardwick. Since you're not a mouthbreather, @milliebobbybrown has a special spoiler for you.

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Season 2 of Stranger Things arrives October 27! 


Watch the trailer here:

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