Ryan Reynolds, Samuel L Jackson, GARY FREAKIN OLDMAN and Salma Hayek… The Cast alone is worth the price of admission.

Here’s the easiest way to break this movie down:

Imagine your favourite buddy cop movie.



NOW: Replace one of the Cops with a Personal Security agent, who’s sole job is keeping high valued individuals (sometimes extremely corrupt) ALIVE.


STEP 2: Replace Cop #2 with The world’s best hit man, with a penchant for using “MF”.

STEP 3:  ramp the action up something fierce, throw Sirius Black/Commissioner Gordon/Viktor Zorg/SO MANY OTHER GOOD ROLES… into a role as a Russian Villain.
Mix in some Elektra, for the Netflix-Marvel-Daredevil fans.
Then, as the Cherry on top:  Add Salma Hayek, using more profanity than I’ve ever seen her use, in ANY movie, ever, with rage issues.



This movie IS, hands down, the most fun I’ve had in a theatre this year.

You’ll laugh. You’ll slap your forehead. You’ll cock your head sideways and saw “aww”, you’ll laugh some more, you’ll get a little grossed out at SOME of the violence… then you’ll laugh even more.

AND: You’ll find yourself loving people you’re supposed to hate.


10/10.  Two thumbs WAY THE HELL UP.





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