This weekend I was privy to something absolutely deplorable.
The CEWHA Nationals were held right here in Ottawa, with TWO local teams (The Ottawa Capitals and the Ottawa Black Aces) representing the Capital region.
At the END-of-tourney banquet, during an awards presentation, I overheard a parent of an athlete on a NON-Ottawa team mutter something to the agreement of his table, that had me mentally screaming “YOU’RE SETTING SUCH A BAD EXAMPLE.”.
When one young man was awarded the TOP Forward trophy, this goofball joked to his table that the boy’s CHAIR deserved half the award (as it was a little faster than many of the others in the tournament, though that wasn’t SAID, I’m aware of it.)
Way to go dude. Instead of clapping for an athlete’s accomplishments, you found a way to cheapen it and say it’s the equipment that made him so fantastic.  it isn’t his skill level, he just cheated, right?  
Just awful.
The thought of MY kids, hearing something like that come out of MY mouth: disgusts me.
I guess I have this guy to thank, for giving a perfect example of what NOT to do.
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