Y’ever find yourself MINDLESSLY leafing through the Netflix lists in random categories you pretty much NEVER leaf through, just out of boredom?

THEN: you find yourself watching a show you’d never heard of, or even thought existed?

Enter: Deep Fried Masters.




Carnival/Fair food concession vendors, squaring off in regional competitions using a Deep Fryer, their imagination and select ingredients in a Three-round Elimination-style Showdown show.

The winner of each ep gets the coveted “GOLDEN CORN DOG“.


I’m not lying. This is a real show. IF you have Netflix on WHATEVER you’re reading this on, Click here and it’ll take you STRAIGHT TO IT.

Real people, deep frying everything under the sun.  A guy on the ep I was on yesterday made something he called “Elvis on a Stick”, that had Peaches, Bacon, Peanut butter, Bananas, and bunch of other crap… AND, SPOILERS: HE ACTUALLY LOST, HARD.

NOTE: This isn’t the one from the show. But it’s SIMILAR to this, except the dude put a Peach JAM on it. Crazy.


I can’t seem to stop watching it.

…OR craving a return to the Calgary Stampede, since they were NOTORIOUS for having insane creations like the ones in this show.


Now if you’ll excuse me, JUST watching this has lead me to the necessity of a heart transplant.



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