18 months removed from his departure from One Direction, Niall Horan is breaking out on his own and not looking back. When he visited Adam Wylde in studio this week, he confessed to be being nervous about his solo ventures, but not when in studio.



“The easy part was being in the studio and sitting and writing because that’s what I’m used to,” Horan said before admitting that early on, he was anxious without his bandmates on stage, “When I starting doing TV and radio shows just on my own; at the time I was just doing it with me and an acoustic guitar on the stage in front of thousands of people, and it was nerve-wracking.”


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Originally Aired: June 22, 2017



Those tense moments are in the past now. In September of 2016, Niall released his first solo record, “This Town,” with a simple tweet.



“The idea was to release a song, and let people know that I was still doing music. I hadn’t stopped just to play golf. That’s why I just tweeted the link to it.” The critical acclaim for the song seemed to quell any doubt that he could make it on his own, “I wasn’t trying to make a big deal of it. And then it kinda took a life of it’s own. It went to number one straight away, and I was like ‘whoa.’”



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“This Town” was followed by “Slow Hands” this past May. Nial detailed the creation of the song and continued to stress that it was a song made simply for the good times, “It was a fun song to write. Musically I wanted to go early 80s. There was no overthinking or getting too deep because the rest of the album is quite personal to me.”


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We can expect that first solo album sometime in October or November, once he finishes up his press tour. Expect to hear more of the music that he’s had the freedom to make since leaving One Direction; the music that makes him the most relaxed, “I feel more comfortable standing there with an acoustic guitar. My favourite song I wrote was when I was sitting there watching TV. It’s probably the best song I’ve ever written. I think anyways.”



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