This weekend, an event that’s been happening annually for AGES: Happens again. And I’m so stoked.

CHEO Teddy Bears' Picnic

The years of me, heading to the CHEO Teddy Bears’ Picnic with my mom, bear in hand, anxiously hoping the “Medics” on hand in the B*A*S*H tent could fix whatever was wrong with him that year (I had a White bear named Mikey I used to carry around EVERYWHERE for a few years as a young lad… That thing was my BFF, and had an incredible knack for getting his nose chewed off by dogs.).

This is the BROWN edition of the same bear I had… My mom apparently had one kicking around, so she sent me this in a text. Gold.

Year in, Year out, they’d do amazing things, and I’d leave happy, full of pancakes, and smiling for days on end. (THANKS MOM!)


This weekend, YOU can take YOUR Kids for this magical event. (CLICK  FOR DEETS)

All the money raised: Goes to CHEO.  Arguably the most important facility in this city.

Come out, have some pancakes, hit the rides, play some games AND get some pancakes n sausage served up by local notables… and me, for some reason.


See you Saturday!

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